Help is on the way.

The events industry in NYC, which is largely fueled by freelancers, has experienced a sudden, massive financial fallout due to the current Coronavirus crisis. With bans on public gatherings and venues closed citywide, the countless independent contractors in NYC whose livelihoods rely on events have undergone the most immediate and crippling impact due to the sweeping cancellations.

Please help support our community by making contributions directly to the individuals using their information listed below. Thank you NYC, we love you.




Elijah Bland

Gig: Event Photography for Corporate Institute
Income Lost: $1500

  I am doing my best to provide for my wife and two young children. My inability to work right now directly impacts our household and livelihood.

Venmo: ElijahBland
Paypal: elijahbland
Cash App: $ElijahBland
Instagram: @elijahbland


Fatima Jones

Freelance Makeup Artist
Gig: Freelance Event Makeup Gigs
Income Lost: $4900

This couldnt happen at a worst time. I just came back from maternity leave two months ago and just moved out a dosmestic violence shelter into a new apartment. Now i am worried i will be right back in the shelter because o can’t pay my rent or have stuff for my new born.

Paypal: Fatimajones2019@gmail.com
Cash App: $Fatimajones1989
Instagram: @Envysantoz


Thomas A

Gig: SXSW Performance
Income Lost: $500

 Due to the quarantine and people’s jobs laying them off my clients can’t schedule sessions with me because they can’t afford me let alone do they want to step out of their houses, the gigs I had for sxsw are cancelled and I needed the pay from these shows to pay my bills rent, food and support my livelihood my music my content creation!!

Venmo: lifeofthom
Paypal: michaelfulcar1
Cash App: $LILTHOM
Instagram: @lifeofthom


Lesley Steele

Documentary Filmmaker/ Editor
Gig: Video a conference on Iranian Women Filmmakers in NYC
Income Lost: $2650

 I completely am independent without support as a majority of my family is diseased. I’m 28 years old and am carrying the weight of aiding my mother with resources and funds to caretake for my grandmother who is battling cancer. I can’t see my grandmother due to preventing infection and exposure so this is a very troubling and disturbing time and anything helps. I hope I may be in consideration for this opportunity as it would be life changing. 

Venmo: quietconqueror
Paypal: quietconqueror25@gmail.com
Instagram: @quiet.conqueror


Rory Scholl

Improv comic teacher/ Emcee
Gig: Teaching an improv class for autistic students at a college
Income Lost: $2800

  I like most of my fellow performers live month to month. I may have to let my cat go and move back to Texas in with family if I cant get caught up. Which is not a huge sob story, but it would severely disrupt my life. I hope this passes and everyone lands on their feet! Good luck guys!

Venmo: Rory-Scholl
Paypal: paypal.me/payrory
Instagram: @rorypancakes


Brynne Levy

Photographer + Retoucher
Gig: Event Photography for Performances
Income Lost: $1200

 I am a full-time freelance photographer and retoucher. I have worked in nightlife venues throughout NYC both behind and in front of the camera as a performer myself, and it is heartbreaking to see this industry (and many other gig-based industries) suffer right now. 

Venmo: brynnelevy
Instagram: @brynnelevy.photo


Walter Fischbacher

Jazz Pianist
Gig: Entire Jazz Tour
Income Lost: $13,000

 During the last 5 years, my main business was to organize concert tours in Europe with vocalists from NYC. I would do the booking in cooperation with 2 European agencies, handle all the logistics, and be the pianist and musical director. I am very afraid that as things seem to develop that the majority of those concerts planned will not take place. Which leaves me with close to zero income.

Venmo: Walter-Fischbacher
Paypal: walter@walterfischbacher.com


Shinya Miyamoto

Sound Engineer
Gig: Sound Engineer for a 6 piece band for a private event and provide the PA system
Income Lost: $300

 Hello, I’m one of many that are impacted by covid-19 pandemic. Music scene in New York is a big business. Generally speaking, winter is slow for many musicians and engineers, so any jobs that come in are very important to make ends meet. Every dollar is counted. I’m certain that we’ll get through this, but support is needed to overcome this temporary hardship caused by mother nature. I hope everyone to stay calm and handle this difficult time together. Thank you

Paypal: paypal.me/stixnmix


Justin Forward

Gig: Musical Theatre performances
Income Lost: $2800

 It felt very unreal how quickly it impacted my life. Aside from working on this show, I was a PT host. The restaurant quickly adjusted hours and prioritized FT staff so I wasn’t able to grab any shifts. The show, we were hoping that if we could at least get through tech we could postpone the opening to a later day, however as things continued to snowball and get worse they made the decision to cancel the show altogether. It’s very unfortunate, but I do understand. I’m worried about when this pass, as I have no way of making of any income right now, that I won’t be able to catch up or pay any of my bills.

Venmo: Jaybsone
Paypal: paypal.me/jaybsone
Cash App: $Jaybsone
Instagram: @jforward92


Jules Rico

2nd Assistant Camera / Production Assistant
Gig: PA & 2nd AC gigs 
Income Lost: $2420

 Hey all!
I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during this very confusing time. Before the outbreak, I was booked all through March. A dream for a freelancer like myself. So far because of cancelations both as freelance AC and PA, I have taken a major hit as many of us have felt. May we all get back to work asap and rise from this together!

Venmo: Jules_Rico
Paypal: paypal.me/JulianaRico
Instagram: @Jules_Rico


Tim Farkas

Solo Acoustic Musician
Gig: 12 Concerts
Income Lost: $995

 I am a solo acoustic musician in the New York City area who has lost 12 gigs — and counting — because of the coronavirus pandemic. I play mainly for senior citizens — assisted living, nursing homes, senior centers, etc. — but I also perform at bars, restaurants and coffeehouses. The cancellation of shows already has wiped out my income for the entire month of March and half of April, and it has taken away the joy I get for performing for the elderly. 

Paypal: jamifarkas@gmail.com
Instagram: @timfarkassolo


Nicole Batista

Recording Artist
Gig: Performing at concert tours
Income Lost: $4900

 100% of my income has been lost! International festivals and domestic shows, all wedding and corporate gigs, and all recording sessions have been cancelled. My rent is still due, and I’m finding it impossible to find a job during the quarantine.

Venmo: AmazonianRockstar
Paypal: nickibmusic@gmail.com
Cash App: $AmazonianRockstar
Instagram: @AmazonianRockstar



Abraham Pollack

Bassist / Bandleader
Gig: Performances and concerts at multiple venues
Income Lost: $3700

 On Thursday, March 12 the cancellations started coming in. One restaurant gig here, a concert there, a wedding there. Then on Sunday the City of New York announced that all venues were closing for at least a month. I am looking at two months of no gigs, and once we get back running, I believe most of the venues will not be in business.

Venmo:  thebailsmen
Paypal:  brahimplaysbass@gmail.com
Instagram: @sweettoothpollack


Garrett Cadwallader

Gig: Wedding gigs, performing at parties, and concerts
Income Lost: $12,650

 We are singer songwriters, we did in restaurants but mostly private events and weddings. We have lost all of our means to pay our bills, for the apartment, for groceries, for bills, our studio. The money and time we have invested in building our studio to support creatives is about to be lost, years worth of time and loans not being able to pay off. I am thankful we have our health and each other but the future feels so uncertain.

Venmo: garrettandtamara
Paypal:  info@garrettandtamara.com
Instagram: @garrettandtamara


Kenda Griffler

Irish Dancer
Gig: 2 Workshops and Saint Patrick’s Day Shows
Income Lost: $800

 Well firstly I am so thankful for my health and I understand that this situation could be much worse for me. I don’t want to ignore the severity of the global crisis but at this time I feel there is still so much positivity being shared. I personally was affected in a unique way. I was on tour in Germany with an Irish dancing show when Covid was starting to become rampant. Germany was considered a level 3 risk. Most of the cast was from Ireland and every day we would get more news and hear how the country was shutting down. Schools, events everything closed. I had a feeling it would be a few days and the US would follow. Then the travel bans were announced and I was luckily able to get a flight home early. I was unable to get a refund for my original flight. Work is tough enough to come by for an American Irish dancer and on top of this the company doesn’t cover all of my travel.

Venmo: kendalvictoria
Paypal:  kvsgriffler@gmail.com
Cash App: $kendalvictoria
Instagram: @kendalvictoria


Thomas Falcone

Gig:  Album release, album promo for major music festival
Income Lost: $15,000

 In addition to gigs I also give private lessons to young children near the epicenter of the outbreak in New Rochelle. All of my private lessons have been cancelled. Eventually I will have to make them up and won’t be able to get out of debt from this for a while. I am optimistic that we will get through this.

Venmo: ThomasFalcone
Instagram: @thomasfalcone


Chase Noelle

Gig: Concert, Music Residency
Income Lost: $400

 My band cumgirl8 came out to Los Angeles to do a residency for the end of winter, and now all the shows have been cancelled and so have my solo writing sessions. My subletter in NYC cancelled, and im still paying for a lease here, so I have double rent to cover without income coming in. We decided its more socially responsible to stay here, quarantined with each other, rather than fly back to New York.

Venmo: chasechasechase
Paypal:  chasehatespants@gmail.com
Instagram: @leather_locklear


Franki Love

Singer/ songwriter/ speaker
Gig: Speaking Engagement
Income Lost: $1000

Paypal:   Frankilove@gmail.com
Instagram: @Frankilove


Iris Bahr

Solo Performer, Actor, Comic
Gig: A two week run of solo show
Income Lost: $8000

 My new solo show was slated to open April 10th in NYC. I was also the sole producer of the show and since all the money to cover costs came directly out of my pocket I have taken a major hit. I am a single parent that is a full time caregiver to my son and with no work on the horizon or any way to recoup, I am hoping to raise at least some money to help recover my losses.

Venmo: irisbahr
Paypal: irisbahr01@gmail.com
Instagram: @iris.bahr


Nneka Eneorji

Gig: DJ Sets at Clubs
Income Lost: $700

 I wouldn’t mind to share my experience about how this lockdown effected me: mentally, financially and creatively. These past couple of days had me in a frantic mindstate. Wondering how will my monthly expenses get paid off when in my line of work I have no choice but to live gig by gig. It’s been stressful…

Cash App: $ailrgoon
Instagram: @sailrgoon_


Diina Tamm

Dancer, Choreographer, Dance instructor, Brand ambassador
Gig: Performing and dance teaching jobs. Weekly dance gigs with entertainment companies, Weekly classes at after school programs.
Income Lost: $3700

I am a freelance dancer/performer and a dance instructor working for multiple entertainment companies, nightlife events etc. Every week I perform on multiple corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, flash mobs etc. All my gigs to date have been cancelled without compensation. My daytime job is teaching kids and adults dance. All the dance schools and after school programs where I teach on a daily basis have closed and won’t compensate classes missed. Every now and then I’ve also done some brand ambassador gigs for extra income, now none of the promotion events are happening either. Literally every money making possibility that I usually have is lost.

Paypal:  diinatamm@gmail.com
Instagram: @tammediina


Tlaloc Collective

Movement Therapist
Gig: Movement Therapy Workshops
Income Lost: $1200

Our postponed workshops not only serve as main income to the Collectives Artistic Director (who also got laid off from his survival job) but also brings a space for trans and queer non-dancers to talk their truths to themselves through movement and improvisation as well as offer a opportunity to healing body and emotional trauma.Both my sources of income are just shut down, with only 2 weeks away for rents due day. Luckily I have a little supply of food which is rapidly running down. It’s hard times folx, any help would be appreciated.

Cash App: $chesterBAltiery
Instagram: @tlaloccollective


Sergio Segura

Gig: Performance for the thematic expo about Argentina
Income Lost: $1200

 I have to renew my O1 work Visa, valued at $4700 by April 7th
No income at this moment.

Venmo: Sergioseguratango
Paypal:  Traditionaltango@gmail.com
Instagram: @sergioseguratango


Jeronimo Maranion

Gig: DJ Sets at Clubs
Income Lost: $1200

Like my fellow DJs on here in NYC, everything has come to a halt in hospitality resulting in our community having many financial hardships.

Venmo: djjeronimo
Paypal:   dj-jeronimo@live.com
Cash App: $DjJeronimo
Instagram: @DjJeronimo


Kenneth Hyman

Gig: DJ Sets at Dance Parties and Restaurant/ Lounges
Income Lost: $9400

Venmo: herbertholler
Paypal:  herbert@herbertholler.com
Cash App: $herbertholler
Instagram: @herbertholler


Dmitry Voznesenskiy

Wedding Videographer
Gig: Videography for Weddings
Income Lost: $6000

I am a freelance wedding videographer. Since the coronavirus spread all of my clients for next 2 months have canceled their weddings. With me and my clients not feeling comfortable with being in such close quarters I am now having to figure out how to pay my bills. Any amount given would be greatly appreciated.

Venmo: supastar
Instagram: @love_is_wed


Hannah Lee

Gig: Music Lessons, Concert, Part time job as Usher
Income Lost: $1500

I am a freelance musician in New York City, and I live with my boyfriend who is an Off-Broadway Audio Engineer. Both of us are almost completely out of work, and we’re worried about being able to pay our bills. I have several students who were not interested in online lessons and would prefer to cancel until things improve, which is a very hard hit to my income. My recent concerts have been canceled as well, and it looks as if I won’t be able to schedule anything for at least a couple of months considering the situation here in the city. I also have a part time job as an usher in a theater that is currently closed. My boyfriend was working through March 19th, but does not have any work at all lined up for the future. Until all this started, he had full time work lined up through June that has now been postponed. He will not be compensated. Any donations would be much appreciated, and would go toward helping us pay our rent and utility bills. Thank you! ❤

Venmo: hannah41295
Paypal:  hannahleeclarinet@gmail.com
Instagram: @nycclarinet


Seeri Guarino

Gig: Music For High School Musical
Income Lost: $700

 I am a student at Queens college and I was working until coronavirus pandemic occured. I was looking forward to playing music for a high school musical but now I am out of work and I don’t know how I can get by.

Paypal:  Malex.guarino@gmail.com


Michael Leto

Videographer / Photographer
Gig: Freelance Vendor for DOE Schools in NYC Producing Their Yearbook Videos and Yearbooks 
Income Lost: $14,000

Most of my Income came to stop due to the work as Freelance Vendor for DOE Schools in NYC Producing Their Yearbook Videos and Yearbooks . Schools in NYC like the rest of the USA are Shutting Down. My 2nd Source of Income are my Private Events “My Gig Work” which I had about three Affair Cancel due to Clients Venues and Churches Closing by State Mandates in NYC.

Paypal:  Videom17
Instagram: @LetoVideoProduction


Holly Turner

Live Music Photographer
Gig: Photography for Concert Tour
Income Lost: $1325

My almost my entire income 100% relies on taking photos at large gatherings of people. The ban on gatherings has completely decimated the entire concert/event industry, and even once the quarantine is over, there’s no telling how it will impact artists’ ability to be financially capable of hiring photographers to go on the road with them. Touring music photography has been my dream since I was a teenager, and I only recently became successful enough to call it my full-time job and make enough doing it to live in NYC. I have no idea how long this is going to affect my career for, and i’m scared that even when this is over, I’m going to have to find a new career path all together.

Venmo: hollyturnerphoto
Paypal:  hollyturner0526@yahoo.com
Instagram: @hollyturnerphoto


Mireya Acierto

Freelance photographer
Gig: Photography for 3 Events
Income Lost: $2800

I’m a freelance photographer who shoots events and lifestyle images. This income would have helped a great deal since I had to get surgery at the beginning of the month and needed to take time to recover. At this point any help would be great since I don’t know when I’ll be getting any paid work due to the fact that events may not happen for months to come.

Venmo: Mireya-Acierto
Paypal:  Mireyacierto@hotmail.com
Instagram: @Mireyacierto


Shannon Rodriguez

Makeup Artist
Gig: Freelance Makeup Artist for Events
Income Lost: $2100

I’m a full time freelance Makeup Artist based in NYC. Since the announcement of the virus, I’ve lost out on a whole month of work. With April and May around the corner and no sight of work starting up any time soon, I’m not sure how the upcoming expenses will get covered. As you’re aware, many past jobs pay between Net30-Net90 so here I sit and wait hoping that things will get taken care of. Hard to stay positive about it.

Venmo: Shannonrodriguezartistry
Paypal:  Shanrodz@gmail.com
Cash App: $Shanrodz
Instagram: @Shannonrodriguezartistry


Nielah Spears

Director/ Choreographer
Gig: Performances for Concerts
Income Lost: $3500

Our losses was not only in wages but travel, costumes, and studio rental expenses. These were out of pocket expenses.

Cash App: $nielahbspears


Joy Fully

Performance Artist – Costumer – Bodyworker
Gig: Performances in Theatres
Income Lost: $4000

I work full time freelance, based out of NYC. I have my hands in so many different projects, theaters, community events, and also have bodywork clients. Everything I do involves people, being connected and physically present. For the foreseeable future, all projects are cancelled and I’m in need of some assistance, any donation is greatly appreciated.

Venmo: joyfuljam
Paypal: lovelivingart@gmail.com
Cash App: $spuckish
Instagram: @lovelivingart


Mike Noonan

Gig: Entire Concert Tour
Income Lost: $2000

This catastrophic event has affected the entire globe. I know musicians and other artists are not the only ones with an uncertain future, however I do feel assistance is needed immediately for people in this industry in order to keep living expenses covered.

Paypal: noon28@aol.com


James Petty

Sound Designer for Concerts
Gig: Sound Design for a Rock’n’roll Show on Cruise Ship 

Income Lost: $3600

I have lost all cruise ship gigs indefinitely. I have also lost my full time job in NYC as well as all other freelance work in the city. My wife has also lost her job. We don’t know when we will be able to work again.

Venmo: slimmyjimmy
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/jimpetty
Instagram: @jim_cognito


Lenni Rosenblum

Music Festival Production Freelancer
Gig: Headliner Experience Supervisor, Community Camping Coordinator
, Ops coordinator at Music Festivals
Income Lost: $13,000

Almost all of the live music events I was booked to work from mid-March through mid-June have been canceled due to concerns about the virus being spread amongst patrons at large-scale events. Anything helps, thanks!

Venmo: Lenni-Rosenblum
Paypal: paypal.me/lennirosenblum
Instagram: @prettyhipsjefferson


Lisa Ramsay

Photographer/ Producer
Gig: Event Photography
Income Lost: $3500

I rely on businesses and individuals to hire me for one time gigs or repeat events. With no movement on any work front, I have no money coming in at all. My last days of paid work was in February 2020. No one is planning or booking for any photography assignments in this an uncertain climate.

Venmo: Lisa-Ramsay-1
Paypal:  lisajeanramsay@hotmail.com
Instagram: @www.instagram.com/lisaramsayphotography


Brandy Godsil

On Set Tailor
Gig: Set tailoring gig for TV Show
Income Lost: $760

 I am a freelance on set tailor. I have no work now because of this virus. I tailor for special events, fashion shows, photo shoots and other production events. This has severely impacted my income.

Venmo: Brandy-Godsil
Paypal: Brandygodsil@gmail.com
Instagram: @Brandy_godsil


Michael Reyes

Lighting Designer / Tech Operator
Gig: Lighting Installation for underground techno raves at venues/ warehouses
Income Lost: $1200

Freelance lighting designer and tech operator for live event productions and venue lighting installations. Having currently had all jobs cancel indefinitely, I will be without income for the foreseeable future. The precarious nature of not only my industry, but our whole economy during this pandemic is extremely unnerving, leaving the fate of rent and other necessities unknown and the livelihood of our production communities to fend for themselves.

Venmo: putitontheglass
Paypal: paypal.me/putitontheglass
Cash App: $putitontheglass
Instagram: @putitontheglass


Melissa Denizard

Pro-Black Activist, Organizer, Documentarian, Speaker
Gig: Speaking Engagement at Festival and University

Income Lost: $1200

2020 marked the beginning of finally seeing the fruits of my labor. I was on the cusp of joining a speaking agency and had multiple speaking engagements lined up for the first quarter of the year. With this global health crisis, I am now unsure of the future and how I can continue to grow my freelance career.

Venmo: Melissa Denizard
Cash App: $MelissaRDP
Instagram: @TheMelissaDenizard


Stephanie Sin

Operations Manager
Gig: Operations at Large Music Venue

Income Lost: $1800

We were gearing up for Mirage season and now everything has been put on hold. Our shows are postponed and hours are being restricted. I went from working 40-60 hours a week to 0 and it hurts. I miss my venue family. This is a tough time.

Venmo: meowxsteph
Paypal: Stephxsin@aol.com
Instagram: @meowxsteph


Charisse Tompkins

Audio/ Visual Technician
Gig: Two Shows Celebrating Women’s History Month
Income Lost: $250

I am a freelance Audio/Visual Technician for plays that teach black history all over the Tri-state area. Because of everything shut down here in NY, I still haven’t gotten paid from my gigs. These gigs help keep my bills paid. So not only am I missing the income from the shows that got cancelled, but I am also missing the income from the show I already did this month. I have started an online business to try an alleviate some of the financial weight, but it’s starting a little slow. Any help I would be most grateful for. God Bless you.

Paypal: CTompkins88
Instagram: @Chatini86


Daniel Johnson

Gig: DJ sets at Music Venues and Restaurants

Income Lost: $2250

I’m a club DJ who makes money from large gatherings of people spending money at a bar, so I will be out of work until it’s safe to gather in large groups again.

Venmo: djselfhelp
Paypal: djselfhelp@yahoo.com
Instagram: @djselfhelp


Sarah Lillz

Graphic Designer/Artist
Gig: Experiential Public Event for an Airline Company

Income Lost: $8840

 I lost my freelance design gig that was going towards paying off debt I’ve accrued in 2019; which was a terrible year for freelance and full time hiring as most art/graphic design clients were on a freeze. So this is a big loss. I’d also like to take the opportunity to say that during this time ALL gig workers are adversely affected, and my efforts to collect any generous donations will be carefully dispersed it to myself and those in need, ie other gig/domestic/tipped/low income/grocery store & healthcare workers. It is of upmost important to make art, but it is also a privilege.

Venmo: sarahlillz
Instagram: @sarahlillz_


Tyrone Barnett

Musician, Educator
Gig: Todder Music Classes, Music for Pilates, Childrens Music Classes at Church
Income Lost: $240

Venmo:  theconnectionsnyc
Instagram: @tyronebarnettnyc


Chanese Elifè

Meditation Musician/Performer
Gig: I perform healing frequency covers of top 40 classics in Nursing homes and venues

Income Lost: $1000

As a performer whose main source of income has been from sound healing sessions at Nursing homes, my gigs started getting canceled last month due to the high risk to the senior population. As a busker I would usually supplement my income by performing in the Subway but with the city shut down I am talking requests from my fans on social media and posting healing frequency covers + guided meditations for everyone to relax and heal to at home. I am accepting tips and very grateful for the exchange of Love and positive energy. Thank you!

Venmo: Chanese-E
Paypal: 4Chanese
Cash App: $4Chanese
Instagram: @chanese


Daniel Brito

DJ/ Producer
Gig: DJ Sets at Music Venues
Income Lost: $1500

New York City has so many people that make a living on the nightlife.

Venmo: danymane
Paypal: PayPal.me/danymane
Cash App: $dany11
Instagram: @danymane_


Shihori Nakane

Singer Songwriter and J-pop / Anime / Game Songwriter
Gig: DJ Sets at Music Venues
Income Lost: $2000

2020 is the 3rd year of my new life in the US, which was supposed to be the biggest growing time after a very long and hard two years to just has invested the future from the zero since when I moved to US two years ago. I was supposed to perform at conventions and some shows from March but all of them up to April were canceled. I lost all my income. Cannot pay rent or fees for my upcoming releases, videos etc. Not sure about after May, but I will have some other conventions and Japan tour, my lost would be several times more than now if this crisis continues.

Paypal: shihori94@gmail.com
Instagram: @shihori94


Breton Lalama

Performing Artist
Gig: Stand Up Comedy, Spoken Word, Drag/ Burlesque.
Income Lost: $8000

Two months ago: After years of non stop hustling, I am standing on the precipice of my version of the ever elusive achievement: Career Success- having theatre/TV work booked for a year out, working shows nearly every night (often multiple shows per night), majority of my income coming from the work I love to do. I sign a lease on an apartment across the country and set the date for my move- end of March 2020. Flash forward to now: I’m moving cross country on what remains of my savings after having all my work canceled. I have to move; I don’t have anywhere else to live and I have already paid for the apartment. While my partner drives the car, I use my expensive phone hot spot to try and find work- any work- online, and to apply for opportunities such as this. Thank you for this opportunity. These forms provide hope.

Paypal: bretonlalamahasemail@gmail.com
Instagram: @bretonlikethecrackers


Chaellynn S.

Makeup Artist
Gig: Makeup for Wedding
Income Lost: $1400

Since I am a freelance makeup artist I travel to my clients location usually that location being their home. Since the coronavirus spread all of my clients for this month have canceled their appointments as well as my appointments for the month of April. With me and my clients not feeling comfortable with being in such close quarters I am now having to figure out how to pay my bills. Any amount given would be greatly appreciated.

Venmo: Chaellynn-s
Paypal: Chaellynn64@yahoo.com


Melanie Bentsen

Gig: DJ Sets at Music Venues
Income Lost: $500

As a part time DJ , my livelihood is based on a lot of freelance work. I also work with an events staff and everything is cancelled until June to be on the safe side. I am out of work for the next few months and I would have never thought that I and so many others would be out of work within a blink of an eye.

Venmo: melmami
Paypal: bentsenmelanie@gmail.com
Cash App: $melmami
Instagram: @mamiinthemiddle


Lizzie James

Freelance Art Director
Gig: Art direction at a Broadway creative agency
Income Lost: $8160

I’m a freelance creative at a Broadway creative agency. I was booked for all of this month, but now that Coronavirus has cancelled all Broadway shows, my projects have been cancelled. My student loan situation is bananas, plus I just had to shell out a bunch of money for new software, and who knows how long I’ll be out of work, so this is a pretty big financial hit for me. I also have really awful anxiety and get panic attacks, mostly triggered by financial problems, but I don’t have health insurance, so any trips to the urgent care for that or for actually getting sick from the virus will be out of pocket.

Paypal: thescientificmethod@gmail.com


Maria Clifton

Gig: DJ Sets at Festivals and Music Venues
Income Lost: $11,650

Hi, I am in crucial need of financial Assistance regarding this situation. I work as a Full-time DJ in NYC, as well as a full-time model/actor with a Part Time Gig at a restaurant. Due to the virus I cannot work in any of my professions. The restaurant I work at is closed until further notice, My agency for modeling is closed until further notice, And my DJ Gigs up until May as of now are cancelled. This means NO, absolutely NO INCOME at all! All of my jobs rely on events and constantly dealing with people. I consistently work as a DJ and travel for gigs as well, that is my main source of income. I lost out on (-$7000) alone from SXSW that was cancelled, with no cancellation fees. My restaurant gig is my week to meet up for groceries etc. So with that job no longer there, I have No Source of INCOME. Can someone please assist me in any way and help others in similar situations as a entrepreneur/freelancer!

Venmo: riaria5
Paypal: DJRIA
Cash App: $RiaRia5
Instagram: @riaria5


Madame Vivien V

Drag Queen
Gig: Performances at various venues and clubs, and TV shows
Income Lost: $6450

There is no way we could have fully prepared for the devastating effects of this virus, but this is our new normal and we must adapt. Entertaining fuels my soul. With each look, each dance, each interaction I encourage people to live their dreams and say “Yes” to what they think is impossible. I have dedicated my life to this cause, a third of which spent in NYC. This is a new beginning and I am nervous but hopeful as we move forward with love until we conquer this pandemic. Any help you give will allow me to keep spirits alive and be magnified until everyone is uplifted.

Venmo: MadameV
Paypal: scottiedennis@gmail.com
Cash App: $MadameViv
Instagram: @madamevivienv


Tyler Danhaus

Stage Manager
Gig: Stage manager for performances at Music School
Income Lost: $2160

I’m a non-AEA freelance Stage Manager who, like everyone on here lost all their expected income for the next two months overnight. And fully not knowing when I’ll get another paycheck at this point. This is my primary source of income. My side gigs which I use for grocery money, thankfully still exist, but now have so many people looking for gigs that any income from these is almost non-existent.

Venmo: tydanahus
Paypal: PayPal.Me/danhaus
Cash App: $TyDanhaus
Instagram: @tydanhaus


Ibrahima Camara

Gig: Teaching Music Classes at Public School and Live Performances
Income Lost: $4000

It is difficult to understand what is going on, everything happens so fast. If we are in for many, that will be a total disaster. I make my living 100 percent through performances and teaching. I am out of words.

Paypal: kolipe81@yahoo.com


Marc Montoya

Gig: DJ sets at hotels, music venues, and lounges
Income Lost: $1670

 We’ve (djs) never experienced anything like this and it’s kind of scary to think the worst of is just beginning.

Venmo: djmarcmontoya
Paypal: djmarcmontoya
Cash App: $djmarcmontoya
Instagram: @djmarcmontoya


Brandon Gallagher

Musician, Production Assistant
Gig: US tour for solo music project
Income Lost: $6000

 I am both a musician and a production assistant living in Brooklyn. I had numerous photoshoots booked as well as a full US tour for my solo music project Trace Amount. I need both music and my photo work together to cover my rent and bills. With all of these cancellations over the next couple months I am unsure how I am going to cover the thousands of dollars I have lost. Thanks.

Venmo: brandonsgallagher
Paypal: brandon.s.gallagher@gmail.com
Cash App: $BrandonGallagher
Instagram: @brandongallagher


Carl “C” Malcolm

Gig: DJ sets at music venue
Income Lost: $750

 I’m a full time DJ. I have a Weekly at Tom & Joan’s. I also DJ for a fitness Club and all gigs have been canceled until further notice. I’m not too worried but I also am unsure how we will be able to pay rent and bills when I am unable to make money..

Venmo: theletterc
Paypal: thirdletterc@gmail.com
Cash App: $thirdletterc
Instagram: @thirdletterc


Lyoka Tyagnereva

Model, actress, dancer
Gig: Charity show , runway shows, acting jobs, and dance lessons
Income Lost: $3400

 Just came back from an unplanned emergency trip hoping to dive into work and recover the spending, only to find out that every single gig planned was cancelled for uncertain time…

Paypal: Lyokat@yahoo.com
Instagram: @lyokatyagnereva


Joseph Jendrasik

Gig: DJ set at lounge/ bar
Income Lost: $6200

 Not being able to work my normal schedule of Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights every week, because of the closure of nightclubs, bars & lounges has left me with 0 income.

Venmo: joeysik
Paypal:  jsikthedj@gmail.com
Instagram: @joeysik


C. Joi Adams

Gig: Visual & performance artist, author
Income Lost: $2200

 This would have been my first year at sxsw. I got booked on an amazing comedy tour, took the days off expecting to at least come home to a job. My day job I work as a line cook in one of the many restaurants shut down in nyc. The tour attempted to go on but by the time we all got to Austin it was all shut down. I had to ask friends to help with the purchase of a ticket home. And now that my restaurant is shut down, I’m out my regular income (because I wasn’t salary) and also lose the side income from a weekly music night I had recently made a deal to host there starting later this month.

Venmo: Thegodisarts
Cash App: $thegodisarts
Instagram: @j_thegodisarts


Jefferson Gonzalez

Gig: DJ Sets at bars and restaurants
Income Lost: $800

 I’m officially unemployed and not making any money due to the cancelled gigs of the Coronavirus. If you can guys help me out here, I would be able to pay for my rent.

Cash App: $DjJeffreyJ
Instagram: @shennamusic


Khalil Asmall

Gig: DJ at Music Venues and Clubs
Income Lost: $3050

 I am a full time independent DJ in New York City. All my events and bookings have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. No ones made a call beyond the end of March, but from what i’m hearing in the news, it’s looking very unlikely venues will be open. I’m expecting all my April and May events to be cancelled too.

Venmo: khalilasmall
Cash App: $khalilasmall
Instagram: @khalil.livinproof


Chad Williams

Gig: Puppet Performances at theatres, schools, and temples
Income Lost: $32,870

Venmo:  WonderSpark-Puppets
Paypal: chad@wondersparkpuppets.com
Instagram: @wondersparkpuppets


Jason Henderson

DJ/ Musician
Gig: DJ sets at hotels and music venues
Income Lost: $1000

I am a full time DJ. My regular rotation of venues and monthly residencies include hotels, resturants, bars, lounges and nightclubs all of which have been shut down due to the COVOID19.

Venmo: jasonscotthenderson
Paypal: betteryetjsh@gmail.com
Instagram: @getoverhernyc


Cal Hunt

Gig: Performance for concert for major Hip Hop act and Symphony Orchestra
Income Lost: $2590

I’m a dancer and because of the large scale performance and attendance, my show has been pushed and no dates have been solidified. Any help is greatly appreciated

Paypal: maineventtcal@gmail.com
Cash App: $calveteran
Instagram: @calveteran


Drae Campbell

Gig: Reading for a Storytelling Show and an Interview
Income Lost: $475

Hello. I’m an actor, storyteller, entertainer and dog walker/ various gigs. I’m ok for the next few weeks. I’m guesstimating the loss here.

Paypal:  troofroof@yahoo.com
Instagram: @draebiz


Peter Diaz

Gig: DJ sets at music venues
Income Lost: $2000

It’s important we stop the spread of this virus before it gets out of hand. Wall Street was taken care of, now it’s time for businesses and the people to get some relief. We have the money, it’s time to allocate it to those who need it or will suffer without it.

Venmo: peteycomplex
Instagram: @peteycomplex


Caitlin Wooters

Makeup Artist
Gig: Travel job doing Makeup for a brand
Income Lost: $2040

I would normally have a lot of jobs this time of year but because of the virus no one is really shooting right now. My job is touching faces…I had this job confirmed and then they cancelled due to the virus so now I am out that money and also not expecting anymore jobs for who knows how long. I will definitely be impacted by this major loss of work for the next few months. I’m not prepared for two months of no work. This will put me behind for a while.

Venmo: caitlinwooters
Paypal: Caitlin Wooters
Instagram: @caitlinwooters


Mimi Quiquine

Makeup Artist
Gig: Kids campaign photoshoot
Income Lost: $1700

 This is completely terrifying for artist freelancers who rely on these kinds of jobs. We live pay check to pay check and life as an artist is already a challenge here in NYC. This is having a major impact on us and the daunting feeling of how we will pay rent and other necessary bills is really weighing on us.

Cash App: $MimiQuiquine
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/MimiQuiquine
Instagram: @Mimiquiquine


Max Batchelder

Camera Assistant
Gig: Camera Assistant for a documentary TV show
Income Lost: $8000

Venmo:  max-batchelder
Paypal: max@first.ac
Cash App: $maxbatchelder
Instagram: @max_batchelder


Raunak Mukherjee

Musician and DJ
Gig: Gigs every other week at Greene Hook Jersey City.
Session guitar recordings, DJ gigs at music venues

Income Lost: $800

Due to the current crisis all my gigs and performances where I used to draw my daily living expenses from are cancelled. These performances included working as a guitarist and session musician recording for other artists as well as DJ’ing at bars and venues. This included running a karaoke DJ system with fully licensed tracks drawing people together after a busy days work to sing their favorite songs.
I am asking you a favor to kindly help with whatever amount you can.
Thank you,
Love and peace

Venmo: Raunak-Mukherjee
Instagram: @ronmk86


Shenna Somsmieh

Gig: Touring Singer/Songwriter
Income Lost: $4000

 In one day my life like many others changed.
I was so excited to perform at colleges all around and release my next single. I just knew 2020 was my year. I reached out to so many festivals to perform! I got an email from my agent saying all my college gigs were canceled. I had my new roll out plan for my next single and paid for merchandise etc and now my show is cancelled and I have all this merch no one can even afford to buy at the moment because everyone is going through it.

Venmo: Shenna-Somsmieh
Paypal: Shennamusicbookings@live.com
Cash App: $jacksonshay
Instagram: @shennamusic


Micki Weiner

Gig: Judging Dance Competitions, Teacing Dance at a school.
Income Lost: $3000

 Like many freelancers, I do a lot of different things. Within days, all of my March, and possibly some April, employment has disappeared. I was set to judge two dance competitions that were cancelled, due to the closings of businesses and ban on large gatherings. I have a mortgage and high health bills, as I am immunodeficient. So all in all, this is a really scary time for me, like so many artists.

Venmo: MickiWeiner
Paypal: micki.weiner@gmail.com
Instagram: @MickiNYC


Alex “Apolo” Ayala

Gig: Presentations in NYC Restaurants and Concert halls, Paid rehearsals

Income Lost: $1200

This are dark times for artists and freelancers. We should stay positive, even though it’s hard, we will survive and thrive in the end.

Venmo: Alex-Ayala-4
Paypal: apolobajo@gmail.com
Instagram: @alexapoloayala


Selwa Abd

Gig: DJ sets at Museums, Music Venues and Parties
Income Lost: $750

This pandemic has impacted my main source of income to pay rent.

Venmo: bergsonist
Paypal: adbselwa@gmail.com
Instagram: @bergsonist


Elizabeth Weitzen

Performing Artist
Gig: Interactive theater, dance, and emceeing
Income Lost: $6000

 I’m full time non union performing artist. All my work disappeared overnight. It’s terrifying. I also have a chronic illness. It’s so hard to see our community crumbling around us.

Paypal: paypal.me/weitzen


Omar Morsy

Gig: DJ gigs at hotel, lounges, and clubs
Income Lost: $1500

Was depending on these gigs to help pay my mortgage, food and daughters daycare.

Venmo: Morsymusic
Paypal: Morsymusic
Instagram: @morsymusic


Marco Penta

Gig: DJ gigs at music venues and clubs
Income Lost: $1070

Venmo: MarcoPenta
Paypal: paypal.me/MarcoPenta
Instagram: @djmarcopenta


Christopher Conte

Gig: Performing at theatres, private events, restaurants, and venues
Income Lost: $2100

I make my income as a fulltime musician performing at private events, restaurants, and a few small time musical theater productions. The current restaurant and event space closures have halted my entire schedule for atleast the next month and the foreseeable future. Conversations with prospective clients for jobs in the coming months have all been put on hold.

Venmo: Chris-Conte-20
Paypal: bookings@ChrisConteMusic.com
Instagram: @chriscontemusic


Madeleine Roslow

Gig: Teaching Painting Classes at a School
Income Lost: $800

I’m a freelance artist who relies on multiple side gigs. My main gig is selling my jewelry designs on Etsy, but to support myself, I teach paint and sip classes. My online sales are down and of course they cancelled all painting classes until at least the end of March. I’m thankful for the extra time to work on my art but I can’t afford to miss out on 2+ weeks of steady income.

Venmo: Madroz
Paypal: Madeleine.roslow@gmail.com
Cash App: $Madroz
Instagram: @Dizitdesigns


Lya Pouleyy

Dance teacher/ Model/ Actress/ Artist
Gig: Dance Classes and Acting Sets
Income Lost: $6000

I am dance choreographer, dance teacher, model, actress, artist in freelance. All my jobs/ gigs have been cancelled and are getting cancelled. I am at home now out of resources. I was also working at an elementary school and gym but everything is shut down. All my acting sets, dance classes, private events etc are cancelled. Any help can be provided would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Venmo: Lya-Pouleyy
Paypal: contact@lyapouleyy.com
Cash App: $LyaPouleyy
Instagram: @lyapouleyy


Bre Jordan

Brand Manager/Staffing Partner
Gig: Route coordinator for Marathon, major world festival – Staffing Coordinator
Marathon Expo- logistics partner/ crew

Income Lost: $17,000

I’m a freelance Brand Manager/ Staffing partner here in NYC. I’ve just moved into a new place literally days ago (large deposits/rents) with 3 current and upcoming projects all cancelled now due to this virus. These are all group projects set for duration of 3 months and 1 -one week long out of town marathon expo.
This has cost me everything with no future date in site.

Venmo: Brejord
Cash App: $HunnibreNYC
Instagram: @hunnibre


Sawyer Eason

Musician and Dancer
Gig: Stage Manager at major concert
Income Lost: $500

 I’m a freelance musician and dance artist and like a lot of you all, I lost a lot of upcoming gigs. And there will be little potential for work in the future until this crisis is over. My apartment is delinquent on rent already and we are being threatened with eviction. I’m a trans woman and I fear it will be hard to find new housing.

Venmo: brooklyntranscore
Instagram: @sawyerisokay


Coleman Howard

Gig: DJ gigs at numerous venues in NYC and the East Coast
Income Lost: $8250

In addition to these personal DJ gigs, I also own/operate a DJ booking agency and I contract with 40+ working DJs in NYC on a monthly basis. We schedule gigs for between 10-15 venues every weekend, and everyone on my team has also experienced this level of income loss. Our business is clearly hurting from this, but we also understand that the NYC nightlife shutdown was a necessary step towards getting on track to eventually reopen.

Venmo: djcflo
Paypal: djcflo@gmail.com
Instagram: @djcflo


Paddy Johnson

Freelance art writer and educator
Gig: Speaking engagement on climate change and art, and a workshop at a conference
Income Lost: $2100

I am a freelance art writer and educator in New York who relies on the income of paid speaking engagements and webinars for artists to make ends meet. Without this work, I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills.

Venmo: Paddy-Johnson
Paypal: paddy@artfcity.com
Cash App: $PaddyJohnson
Instagram: @artfcity


Khalid Rivera

Gig: Teaching the art of songwriting at elementary school
Income Lost: $400

 In less than 12 hours, my gigs were canceled because of NYC schools closing. It was abrupt and now it’s uncertain when I’ll be able to do my teaching artist gigs. Schools in NYC might be closed for the rest of the year. I’ve yet to be given the option of doing virtual teaching. It’s all up in the air.

Paypal: khalidrivera@gmail.com
Instagram: @khalidrivera


Cristian Puig

Gig: Musician, guitarist and singer Spanish music
Income Lost: $4800

I am a flamenco guitarist and singer, all my gigs (5 per week) were canceled for one month, in NYC, CT, GA

Venmo: cristian-puig
Instagram: @cristianpuigflamenco


Syl DuBenion

Gig: House Band for Music Venue
Income Lost: $250

 I’m in the house band for one of the biggest and longest-running jam sessions in New York City. It’s been one of my most consistent gigs here. Since venues will be closed until April 17 (+ we had to cancel last week’s session), it’s one of many gigs I won’t be able to recoop while everything is shut down here.

Venmo: syldubenion
Paypal: syldubenion
Cash App: SylDuBenion


Hjordis LinnBlanford

Production Manager
Gig: Freelance Production Manager at Ballet Theatre
Income Lost: $1450

I am one of MANY hourly freelance theater workers who has lost specific expected income and an unknown amount of potential future income. Luckily I have family and we are pooling our resources. Plus I am brainstorming, shifting and preparing to get creative with my skills to work out alternative income streams. We are all going to have to get very creative. Hopefully some bright spot of artists helping artists will come out of this…necessity is the mother of invention, right?!?

Venmo: Hjordis Linn-Blanford
Instagram: @hjordisone


Hannah Klinkman

Gig: 10 Week Tour as Dancer
Income Lost: $5525

 We were sent home last minute with no communication or warning. I had given up my lease as I was planning on being away for several months, and since coming home last minute, had nowhere to live. Other jobs I had used as a supplement -teaching and subbing- have since been cancelled or I have been unable to find because of the last minute nature for sending us away. My company has not offered us any work nor compensation for our cancelled performances.

Venmo: Hannah_Klinkman
Paypal: paypal.me/hannahklinkman
Instagram: @hannahmarieklinkman


John Carluccio

Gig: Freelance videography for major event space
Income Lost: $7000

 I’m a freelance videographer for a major NYC event space. They had to cancel all events until further notice, this is my primary source of income. I shoot and edit at 5 to 7 events a month.

Paypal: jfcarluccio@gmail.com
Instagram: @cinqua5


Ali Lane

Wardrobe Supervisor and Theatre Technician
Gig: Wardrobe Supervisor and Theatre Technician for two galas, one Week is performances in NYC, one week long international tour, and 150+ hours of work calls for load-ins, strikes, for various performances.
Income Lost: $5200

 I am having to relocate to Oklahoma from NYC for a few months, until there is steady work again. It breaks my heart to leave so abruptly, but I can’t take on the immediate financial burden of being unemployed in NYC.

Venmo: Ali-Lane
Instagram: @twosmallroads


Jalese Ayana

Event Photographer and Casting Agent
Gig: Photography for Concert
Income Lost: $1500

 The crisis definitely came in and altered things , I don’t have a income at the moment. I had a freelance gig which would have gone on for about three months, which was canceled. Along with a couple of other freelance projects. Now paying for food And paying bills is inconvenient.

Venmo: leesythooo
Paypal: Jalese.aw@gmail.com
Cash App: $Jalese
Instagram: @mfin.leesy


Andrew Barr

Gig: Doorman at events for concept space
Income Lost: $450

I am a doorman at a small concept space in Brooklyn. As of this morning the venue is closed and all events were canceled. There was an event yesterday 3/15 that was cancelled and there are 4 that are cancelled this coming week and so on. This is a huge blow. Not sure how I’ll make rent this month.

Cash App: dbN09
Instagram: @Drew.the.gentle.giant


Lauren Winn

Event Photographer
Gig: Event photography coverage for women’s advocacy group
Income Lost: $1650

I am a freelance photographer based in NYC, I have lost four jobs so far from the preventative measures taken for COVID-19.

Venmo: laurenwinn
Paypal: laurenwinn558
Cash App: laurennakaowinn
Instagram: @laurennakaowinn


Chris Butler

Recording Artist and Studio Engineer
Gig: Audio Engineer, Audio Lead and Set Up, Shows
Income Lost: $2500

Peace & Love,
I’m a recording artist and studio engineer based in Brooklyn. In order to eat, pay rent, and bills, I freelance and take on part-time gigs as an A1 tech (audio engineer and technician) for live corporate events. These are my bread and butter. As many in the industry already know, there’s a significant shortage of work over the winter holidays; but by spring, gigs come roaring back. Just as I was eagerly anticipating the influx of booking requests, I lost every date from now through who knows when. As such, Im currently seeking digital alternatives for work (editing/mixing/etc) with no luck. Trying to remain calm.

Venmo: ceeverything


Gianna Meola

Gig: Featured illustrator for a charity benefit
Income Lost: $550

This was actually supposed to be my first ever live drawing gig. I absolutely understand and support cancelling all nonessential gatherings but still! Bummer!
I also make a big chunk of income doing art shows and comic fests which have all been cancelled or rescheduled til summer, so I’m gonna have a hard spring ahead of me :/

Venmo: Gianna-meola
Paypal: Giannameola@gmail.com
Instagram: @Giannameola


Chloe Thompson

Musician and Sound Designer
Gig: Multi-channel music performances for festival, Sound Design for Concert
Income Lost: $5000

I live and work in New York as a musician and sound designer, specializing in spatial audio and audio programming. My partner and I also have recently started a new recording studio and pumped our savings into it. Presently, all recording work in the studio has been postponed, and my main touring gigs have cancelled resulting in a loss of our safety net.

Venmo: chloealxandra
Paypal: chloealxandra@gmail.com
Cash App: $chloealxandra
Instagram: @chloealxandra


Andrew Slone

Performing Artist
Gig: Events Operations Manager for Event Planning and Catering Companies
Income Lost: $6000

I lost numerous events in March and April as an Events Operations Manager for Event Planning and Catering companies. I am a freelance performing artist who’s Events Gigs pay for my living and artistic expenses as my art studio is also my home. I am under threat of not being able to pay studio/apt rent.

Venmo: scoopslone1
Instagram: @scoopslone


Yolanda Wilkinson

Stage Hand
Gig: Stage Hand for Performances at Schools
Income Lost: $2500

All of my jobs have been suspended and a play I was in was canceled. Any help given will be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

Venmo: Yolanda-Wilkinson
Paypal: Paypal.me/YolandaFibonacci
Instagram: @ms.fibonacci


Calvin Hazen

Gig: Accompaniment for dance theatre show
Income Lost: $1350

I am a musician and work primarily as an accompanist for dancers and dance companies. The show I was hired for got cancelled two weekends in a row. I had turned down other gigs to do this.

Paypal: calvinhazen@hotmail.com


Katie Rhody

Gig: Illustrator for events in NYC area- bar mitzvah, wedding, private corporate occasion
Income Lost: $1200

Venmo ID: Katie-Rhody
Paypal: katierhody@gmail.com
Instagram: @k_rhody


Steve Prue

Event Photographer
Gig: Event Photography at charity dinner
Income Lost: $800

All my event gigs (both in town and out of town) have been cancelled or postponed. I was supposed to be traveling/working multiple day events in Las Vegas, Chicago and Columbus in April. All gone or postponed. I make 85% of my income on active means – shooting events across the nation and now relying on credit cards and what little passive income I have.

Venmo: Tmronin@gmail.com
Paypal: Tmronin@gmail.com
Cash App: $tmronin
Instagram: @steveppersonal


Nellie Blue

Art Model
Gig: Art Model and Server
Income Lost: $325

So far I’ve lost two gigs, but I’m sure there will be more. One figure modeling job and one catering job. I am also finishing a burlesque costume and was about to book dates, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Anything helps, thank you so much!

Venmo: nellie_blue
Instagram: @nellie_blue


Kerry Simmons

Fine Artist (Painter)
Gig: Illustration for Event
Income Lost: $2500

Venmo: kerry-simmons-8
Paypal: kerrysimmonsart@gmail.com
Instagram: @kerrysimmonsart


Aubrey Zich

Art Model
Gig: Art School Modeling Bookings
Income Lost: $3200

I am a fine art professional nude and costume model. I work 35-55 hours a week at art schools, ateliers and private studios around NYC and surrounding areas. As of last week, all of the schools for whom I work have been cancelling, with only one art school paying for the 4 class for which I was booked.

Venmo: Aubrey-zich
Paypal: Azich@groovenet.org
Cash App: Aubreyzich
Instagram: @Aubreyzich


Rachel Merill

Gig: Illustration for event
Income Lost: $800

Venmo: merrilrach
Paypal: merrillrach@gmail.com
Instagram: @ohhhaeee


Zoe Map

Dancer/ Choreographer
Gig: Dancing for performances
Income Lost: $10,000

As an Italian immigrant working with a visa in US, my future is very uncertain and since this pandemic will force everyone to stay inside, my possibility to work with companies who are in need of a video shooting and/or the production of special gatherings and events of any type, is on standby until who knows when.

Venmo: daniela-croci 
Instagram: @zoemap


Albena Kervanbashieva

Art Model
Gig: Art modeling at several art schools, dance rehearsals and performances
Income Lost: $475

Paypal: kervanbashieva2@yahoo.com


Erica Jay

Art Model
Gig: Art modeling gigs for college classes
Income Lost: $3000

All of my figure Modeling gigs- photography workshops, modeling assignments for art colleges and in person drawing sessions have been cancelled indefinitely. I’ve been working as a freelance art and nude figure model for the last decade. I also do film and TV work. I work with art students ages 5 to 95. Many of my at-risk clients have cancelled. (I work with many advanced age clients.) 100% of art colleges, where I make a majority of my income, have cancelled classes indefinitely. 

Venmo: EJNYC
Instagram: @ERICA.NYC